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EmPOWERing the Community Through
 Innovative Educational Technology

Ultimate Learning Solutions

for Students


Our Approach

In 1995, the National Urban Technology Center Inc. (Urban Tech) was born with

one mission ...

To empower students, families, and community residents with the necessary technological and social-emotional skills to succeed in today's world.


As a 501c3 not-for-profit, we're dedicated to closing the digital divide and creating opportunities for everyone.


Join us on our mission today!


Our Online Courses


Conflict Resolution

The conflict resolution program is an interactive curriculum that fosters students’ understanding of conflict-resolution skills with opportunities to apply them

in a variety of settings. 


Dignity for All (DFA)

Dignity for All (DFA) is a comprehensive school-wide approach to prevent bullying and violence and help shape a generation of kinder, more confident, and academically prepared students.


Our Family Support Center

Our Family Support Center bridges the opportunity gap with STEM education, social-emotional learning, higher-education equity, and workforce development in

public schools.

The Center provides learning and development opportunities for the entire family, ranging from technology skills to leadership skills.


This is a comprehensive partnership between Urban Tech and your school community.

  • STEM Academy in each middle school with a focus on science, engineering, and mathematics; 

  • Learning Accelerators for a bold intervention  to tailor instruction to student's individual needs and abilities and to ensure that all students have a chance to excel and pursue a career in STEM;

  • Tutoring and Mentoring for student competency; and encouraging teachers, administrators, and parents to partner with one another to share curricula, training, and data to identify best practices that engage more and more under-represented youth; 

  • Parent Engagement for expertise in computer applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to encourage industry skills and a pipeline for jobs in today’s changing markets;

  • Social and emotional learning and policy and procedures for safer, more supportive classrooms.

  • Includes our interactive, online learning platform for students and teachers and our Parents Care Program© , a coaching series for successful relationships and school collaboration.

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