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Team Building
The Ultimate Solution for Students

Team Building Participants create an environment for sharing ideas and building relationships that are essential to working and living together in a community. They examine the way teams work - learning what motivates people, understanding the value of diversity, and analyzing the dynamics of high performance teams. The curriculum addresses issues related to reaching out to others, taking positive risks, building trust, and practicing good judgment.

  • Appreciate diverse and unique backgrounds of team members.

  • Recognize the importance of uniting around a common goal.

  • Learn to build trust, share values and exchange ideas.

  • Develop practical tools for setting achievable goals.

  • Learn how to take risks in advocating your position and taking action.

  • Become accountable for accomplishing the team’s mission and expected outcomes.

Innovative Ways to Reach and Teach Youth

The Conflict Resolution module includes five (5) theme-based social and emotional units that use story-telling, reading and writing comprehension, discussion groups, situation analysis and contemporary music and games to help students succeed.

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