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Sexual Health
The Ultimate Solution for Students

Sexual Health Awareness This module encourages teens to take action to protect themselves and their communities against the public health threats of STDs and AIDS. Participants investigate topics such as the life-threatening consequences of irresponsible sexual activity, examine their own behavior and health risks, and learn to make healthy decisions grounded in personal and social responsibility. Participants become aware of the long-term health risks associated with sexually transmitted diseases, different ways disease is transmitted, and the physical symptoms of STDs and AIDS.

  • Identification: Understand the different types of STDs, biological impact, transmission and treatment

  • Healthy Choices: Learn to make healthy and positive choices, including benefits of abstinence and preventing sexually transmitted diseases

  • Risk Assessment: Weigh health risks associated with sex and drugs

  • Environmental Influences: Identify peer pressure, media, and misconceptions

Innovative Ways to Reach and Teach Youth

The Conflict Resolution module includes five (5) theme-based social and emotional units that use story-telling, reading and writing comprehension, discussion groups, situation analysis and contemporary music and games to help students succeed.

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