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Personal Relationships
The Ultimate Solution for Students

Personal Relationships This module helps teenagers develop healthy, rewarding relationships. Participants build the skills to identify their own values, feelings and attractions, understand the outside influences that affect their behavior, and then apply their interpersonal skills to realize mutually respectful and healthy relationships. They will begin to discern the different levels of intimacy that relationships assume and the risks and responsibilities that come with them. This module is intended to provide skills to support teenagers in the difficult decisions they will make about sex in their young lives.

  • Assess Relationships: Identify values, analyze strengths and challenges, Recognize environmental influences

  • Goals and Decision-Making: Set boundaries, align long-term goals with short-term choices and behavior

  • Social and Emotional Skills: Foster healthy relationships, communication for trust, mutual respect, and problem-solving

  • Title IX support: Examine gender roles and stereotypes, communication, and attitudes around sex, prevent acts of discrimination and harassment

Innovative Ways to Reach and Teach Youth

The Conflict Resolution module includes five (5) theme-based social and emotional units that use story-telling, reading and writing comprehension, discussion groups, situation analysis and contemporary music and games to help students succeed.

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