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On Thursday, October 12, 2023 The National Urban Technology Center (Urban Tech) hosted its annual gala dinner. It was an elegant evening  to celebrate Urban Tech’s mission of opening

Family Empowerment Centers to connect students and their families to emerging technology skills for advanced learning and jobs in the 21st century.  


We honored inspiring and authentic leaders who have dedicated their lives to uplifting communities and improving the lives of others: 


Otis Rolley, 2023 Community Impact Honoree Head of Philanthropy and Community Impact at Wells Fargo & Co. and President of the Wells Fargo Foundation. 


Amy Bravo, 2023 Education Leadership Honoree Senior Director of Career Success and Experiential Education at New York Institute of Technology. 


Andy Muir, 2023 Visionary Honoree Chief Financial Officer of SKIMS Body, Inc.  


Congratulations to each of the esteemed honorees, all recognized for their passion, dedication and impact. 


Our collaborative approach built on strong partnerships with schools, community organization and stakeholders aims to maintain a comprehensive and sustainable impact.  We believe that by working together, we can create a transformative change that uplifts entire communities 

and paves the way to a more equitable, inclusive and prosperous future for all. 


We are deeply grateful to everyone who made our 2023 Annual Awards Gala a success!  


Patricia Bransford

President and Founder

The National Urban Technology Center

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