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Financial Literacy
The Ultimate Solution for Students

Financial Literacy Participants learn how to manage money wisely, distinguish between necessities and luxuries and understand the benefits of saving over time for specific, well-planned purchases. Teens are instructed in basic financial concepts, such as the importance of having a savings account and developing a budget to monitor income and expenses. Topics also include basic banking services and personnel, managing credit card spending and avoiding accumulating debt. In this module participants examine the reasons behind their spending and the influences that advertising and image have on behavior.

  • Value: Learn to analyze and compare the cost and benefits of goods and services

  • Budgeting: Develop skills to set goals and use budgeting as a tool to manage money

  • Decision-Making: Learn the benefits of saving money, investing, and making smart financial decisions

  • Entrepreneurship: Learn how to use skills and talents to start a business and learn the basics of entrepreneurship to build wealth

  • Banking: Learn how to use bank services to achieve a long-term financial plan

  • Debt and Credit: Understand loan interest, credit rating, and how debt can impact life goals

Innovative Ways to Reach and Teach Youth

The Conflict Resolution module includes five (5) theme-based social and emotional units that use story-telling, reading and writing comprehension, discussion groups, situation analysis and contemporary music and games to help students succeed.

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