What is an upside-down mortgage?

What is APR?

What is financial risk?

Why build a good credit score?

What's wrong with payday loans?

How do I build my Financial IQ?

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Money Management
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Using Credit to
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Buying a Home
Young Adults

What is FEN?

The Financial Education Network (FEN) is an online learning destination formed through collaboration between Well Fargo's Hands on Banking and the National Urban Technology Center. FEN is working in collaboration with partners from four participating cities across the U.S. - Miami, Dallas, Seattle, and Atlanta - to pilot this unique approach to online Financial Education. After the pilot phase, FEN will be expanding nationwide over the coming year.

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Where is FEN?

Although its presence is online, FEN is working with schools, colleges, and community based organizations in the following cities to build a community of users - the best knowledge base in the world - around Financial Education.





The Team that makes it all happen

Trish Millines Dziko

Kerry L. Goodwin

Juan Casimiro

Cofounder & Executive Director
Technology Access Foundation
Seattle, WA.

Community Liaison
State Representative Eric Johnson

Advisor & Trainer

pat bransford

thomas l. bransford

craig patches

pat bransford

thomas l. bransford

craig patches

Founder & President
National Urban Technology
Center, New York, NY

Vice President, Partnerships
National Urban Technology
Center, New York NY

Multimedia Development Manager
National Urban Technology
Center, New York NY

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