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The Executive Principal Leadership Institute (EPLI) is an 18-month in-depth training and coaching program for mid-career principals who want to go from "good to great." Urban Tech is planning to align training to the attributes of successful corporate executives; and will select five (5) successful sitting principals to participate as EPLI mentors and coaches.

We have identified five (5) strategic program objectives to create and sustain exemplary leadership in a 21st Century urban school:

Utilizing successful sitting principals and corporate executives to provide mid-career principals in high-needs schools with ongoing, high-quality coaching and professional supports designed to increase their leadership skills and ability to drive improvements in teaching and learning in their buildings
Specialized training by subject matter experts (SMEs) aimed at developing advanced executive leadership skills including budgeting, negotiations, advocacy, fundraising, education technology, community engagement, etc.
Education innovation workshops/labs that “disrupt” traditional business models to drive improvements in teaching and learning in schools
Turnkey training through which mentee principals train and mentor the members of leadership teams in their schools during the program to demonstrate short-term successes and build capacity at the building level to sustain the successful reforms
Developing a customized education technology platform – the Data as a Resource Tool (DART) system – with the NYC Data Science Academy and New York University to increase principal access to timely and easy-to-understand information that will enable participating principals and their leadership teams to be more strategic, instructional leaders by providing real-time decision making and improve administrative efficiency and productivity, critical levers for driving higher levels of student achievement

Our Goals & Outcomes

  • strives to retain the best principals serving in the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • results in the turnkey leadership training of other mid-career principals for the purpose of building stellar leadership capacity citywide
  • thoroughly addresses the nuances of school leadership and school functioning as aligned with the five NYCDOC leadership competencies and broader set of Executive Principal Competencies (see appendix for details)
  • seamlessly connects theory to practice in real time
  • embeds technology designed to streamline the work of the principal by making the complex tasks of the principalship manageable from the macro to micro levels.
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