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Dignity for All:
Safe and Supportive Schools

Dignity for All (DFA) is a comprehensive school-wide approach to prevent bullying and violence and help shape a generation of kinder, more confident, and academically prepared students.

DFA teaches students how to reduce and prevent harmful behaviors by acquiring skills to become an Upstander instead of a Bystander, creating a culture and community that is safe, inclusive, and restorative while exceeding ELA and Common Core State Standards. 

By transforming schools into safe and welcoming spaces for all students, DFA fosters empathy and an inclusive culture of trust that prevents bullying and cyberbullying behavior from occurring in schools. Rooted in neurobiology, DFA trains students to address bullying behavior in storytelling, role-playing, and critical reflection with their peers; and become Upstanders for safer, more supportive school communities.

DFA Upstanders set goals for understanding different cultures and beliefs, repairing the harm caused by bullying and discrimination, and transforming how students, parents, and administrators treat one another by building trust.

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