Financial Literacy Curriculum


  • Learn to analyze and compare the cost of goods and services with value received.

  • Develop skills to set goals and use budgeting as a tool to manage money.

  • Learn the benefits of saving money, investing, and making smart financial decisions.

  • Learn how to use skills and talents to start a business and learn the basics of entrepreneurship to build wealth.

  • Learn how to use bank services productively to achieve a long-term financial plan.

  • Be aware of how to use debt to purchase long term assets, like a home or a car, and avoid the cost of a bad credit rating that comes from not paying bills on time.

Learning Components

Computer learning activities are fully integrated with the animated life skills curriculum acting as a central medium for education and skill-building. Students communicate their ideas using web design and PowerPoint; collect and analyze data using spreadsheets; and access the vast resources of the Internet for research using browsers and search engines.

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